Open Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2017-2018academic year, will be open to the public beginning in February 2017. There is rolling enrollment throughout the year according to space available.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2017information will be available in March of 2017.

Interactive Nature Classroom

Our students enjoy an Outdoor Nature Classroom which gives them the opportunity to explore, build, create music, experiment with art in nature, garden, or just find a quiet place to read or meditate. The children enjoy using this area on a daily basis !

Baldwin Oaks Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment based on the observations and writings of Dr. Maria Montessori and Dr. Donald E.Lyman. We strive for academic excellence while ensuring that children develop the habits, skills, and love of learning necessary to become responsible citizens of the community and later, the world.While the children develop intellectually, emotionally and physically, emphasis is also placed on respect for selves, others and the environment. Baldwin Oaks employs the Montessori Method while incorporating current trends in child research and theory of development in order to more fully satisfy the needs of the whole child.

Licensing Number:  C09OR0417


Fall Festival Ticket Options


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