Open Enrollment

There is rolling enrollment throughout the year according to space available. Enrollment is open to the public beginning in February for the upcoming academic year.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp information is available in March of the current academic year.

Interactive Nature Classroom

Our students enjoy an Outdoor Nature Classroom which gives them the opportunity to explore, build, create music, experiment with art in nature, garden, or just find a quiet place to read or meditate. The children enjoy using this area on a daily basis !


                       A Montessori Education for Your Child

                       Why Montessori?  Why now?  Why us? 

 Why Montessori? 

 Montessori schools use effective methods of teaching that have been developed over the last 110 years. There are now 4,500 Montessori schools in the United States and over 20,000 worldwide. We attract families of all classes, races, philosophies, and religious and secular backgrounds.

Our success stems from our basic teaching principle that we follow the needs of the individual child. Our prepared environment, freedom of choice and freedom of movement around the classroom allows a child to achieve their fullest potential. Our mission is to activate every child’s on desire to learn.

Maria Montessori said, “One test of the correctness of education procedure is the happiness of the child.” Children’s happiness is also our mission. Children will only want to continue to learn if they are happy doing it.

 Why Now?

 We have a good understanding of new age of technology. We appreciate the great digital inventions of our time. We also understand the consequences of excessive interaction with these technologies on children. We understand the need to create a balance.

While these technologies and can put children in touch with tremendous amount of data, it can also make children feel isolated, powerless and overwhelmed. Many child development experts consider it crucial to give children a broad based – emotionally, intellectually and sensorially (using the five senses) –  before introducing often one-dimensional technologies.

 Why Us?

Baldwin Oaks Academy is a beautiful natural environment for child to enjoy the Montessori experience. Constant shade from our ancient oak trees and up-to-date playground equipment in three playgrounds help to make playtime a learning time for our children. We also have a nature classroom where a student can plant their own vegetables and flowers, and develop their agronomy skills.

Our classrooms are neat and cheerful they have the latest  Montessori materials. Children feel that they are in a second home.

Our current expanded curriculum includes special art and imagination, foreign languages, yoga and music classes. Our certified and well experienced lead teachers, along with the rest of the staff, and our wonderful parents turn our school  into school family environment throughout the year.

We invite you to join  us.



Licensing Number:  C09OR0417


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