Montessori Materials

The Montessori materials are the central focus of the Montessori classroom and curriculum.  Children enjoy holding the beautiful pieces and manipulating them in ways that are logical and meaningful.  Teachers are always present and available to demonstrate the names of the material and strategies to manipulate pieces to form logical connections, but they do not interrupt children as they work.  Instead, teachers present materials, assist children in working with them, then observe and take notes on how children proceed.  Most of the materials are self correcting, so if a child is not manipulating the materials toward logical sequencing and productive outcomes, the child is able to make adjustments.  Nevertheless, when teachers observe that a child is having some difficulty, they designate another opportunity to work with the child and the materials.  Each set of Montessori materials is designed to enhance children’s ability to see logical and meaningful relationships that lead to abstract conceptualization.  Activities combine subjects to emphasize that children do not experience life as discreet entities; rather, they learn that life is comprised of integrated skills and understandings.   The majority of these didactic materials are designed specifically for the Montessori classroom and are rarely present in more traditional settings.


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