A Teachers Role

The role of the “teacher” in a Montessori classroom is quite different from that which is expected in a more traditional educational setting. Rather than teaching “at” the child, the teacher acts as a facilitator, guiding the child to materials best suited to meet his or her current interests and stage of development.

The teacher supports this type of learning by preparing and introducing materials which invite the child’s natural curiosity and innate need to learn more about the world around him.  The Montessori teacher leads the children to ask questions, think for themselves, explore, investigate, and discover.  By close observation and note taking, the teacher is able to determine when a child is ready to learn a new concept and whether it would best be done through an individual or a small group lesson.

The teacher creates an environment of trust and support through lessons in grace, courtesy, and manners in order to prepare the children for their role as citizens of the world. “Please”, “Thank you”, and “May I” are frequently heard throughout the day in a Montessori classroom.


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