Art & Imagination


 Children encounter art every day. However, art takes so many different forms, they often do not work recognize it.  This course will teach children many different art forms and show the connections between them.


Children reap many benefits by learning drama. First, they learn oratory skills. They learn to project their voices and to speak clearly. This is useful in all areas of life . Second, they learn empathy by playing other characters. They must imagine how other people and creatures feel. This allows them to identify and sympathize with other people’s emotions. Third, children learn to both follow directions and to improvise. They have to say lines and perform actions in a certain order, but they also have to figure out solutions when the unexpected happens. Finally, it helps their imagination. They have to both imagine themselves as the characters in unique situations and how the performance will appear to an audience.


Children will be introduced to the world of cinema. They will learn how movies are made and why they are made. They will learn how to record scenes to create narrative stories.

Drawing and Painting:

Children will be introduced to classical works of art. They will be inspired to do their own stories using variety of mixed media.


This is one of the oldest art forms and the first 3-D one. Children will learn dexterity through manipulation of materials,  from play-dough to clay.

Dance and Music:

Children will be introduced to different types of music and different styles of dance. They will see how the two art forms interact. It will help their coordination and athletic skills. They will learn about musical instruments and sounds from all over the world.


Students and parents are always welcome to contribute their own ideas, reflections and suggestions for projects.










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