Our Philosophy…

Baldwin Oaks Academy strives to educate children in order for them to reach their fullest potential. With a strong foundation based on the Montessori Method, we believe that children have an innate drive to learn and by giving them multiple opportunities found within the prepared environment, will become successful and independent members of society.In order to reach this goal, we believe:

  • A child constructs knowledge by exploring, discovering, interacting with and manipulating his environment.
  • Children learn best when placed in multi-age level groupings.
  • A strong bond with the child and family is formed over the three years the child is with the teacher.
  • A child learns based on personal interest and sensitivities to things in his environment.
  • A child, given the freedom of choice within limits, will develop inner discipline and a sense of order and focus which will guide him through a lifetime of learning.
  • The prepared environment should be rich with multi-sensory, sequential and self-regulating materials which facilitate the child’s independent work.
  • The teacher is a facilitator guiding the child to materials which  best suit the stage of development and interest of the individual.

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